Second Anniversary

Two year down the road since I started blogging, I’ve posted 115 times and collected 575 followers. I keep writing for the joy of it and for those who regularly read and comment. If you’re here for the first time, welcome. If you visit regularly, thanks for stopping by and coming back.

In honor of this second year, here are five of my favorite posts since last September. Some may not have been the most popular, but they’re ones I look back on fondly.

Getting a Good Night’s Sleep


On the Way to School

How to Fold a Blanket

My Privilege

I hope you’ll stick around for the next year too.





First Anniversary

This week marks a year since I started my blog. In the year since I first wanted a place to put my thoughts, I’ve written 71 posts, collected 458 followers and made a few friends. If you’ve joined me along the way, thanks for reading, commenting and joining the conversation!

This week I’m looking back by posting my favorite five posts. Look for one each day starting on Monday. These aren’t the ones that got recognition or got the most likes or views. These are ones that make me smile.