Tough Questions

Have you ever been asked Tough Questions ? This question brought back a memory for me.

As a teacher, I’m asked questions all the time, usually with the expectation that I’ll have all the answers. And since I’m a teacher, I make a point of helping students find the answers on their own.

Years ago my now grown daughter was an inquisitive four-year-old who adored preschool and her teacher, Mrs. N.

One day as we were driving in traffic, she called to me from the back seat, “Mom, how do worms have babies?”

“I don’t know,” I said in my best calm mom voice, my mind on the traffic around me. “We’ll have to look that up.”

“You’d know it if you were a teacher,” she retorted.

“Honey,” I reasoned, “I am a teacher.”

“No,” she insisted, “I mean a really smart teacher like Mrs. N!”


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