I Guess I Look Like a Raccoon

My friend, author/editor Jen Miller, recently started a blog called Thisandchat where she asks questions to make you think. Recently she posted this at Your-Animal-Twin

“Your features are uniquely chiseled. You don’t look exactly like anyone else on the planet. However, studying your face in the mirror, you have a likeness to a particular animal, and your personality even mimics some characteristics of that animal.

Study your face, give it some thought.

What animal do you look like?
What personality traits do you have that mirrors that creature?
If you suddenly became a creature, what animal would you be?

Are you BOP enough to say why? Here’s your chance to shine . . . .”

When I was young, I would have picked an animal Ostentatious For its beauty, strength or speed. But beautiful plumage, sleek fur and exotic abilities can lead to being endangered. Intelligence is valuable, but pair it with great strength and gorillas around the world are in trouble.

In high school I remember being asked a similar question and choosing a dolphin for its intelligence, and I’m not even very fond of swimming.

Now days I’m more practical. Raccoons are not endangered and they have some qualities I can appreciate.

Fur coat: Now that the days are getting colder, having a heavy coat that always travels with you seems like a real plus.

Hands: While I might miss opposing thumbs, having paws that can double as hands is a definite advantage when it comes to feeding yourself and getting in to tight places, which raccoons have to do. (Which is not to say I appreciate being on the receiving end of this. See my last post.)

Taking care of young: I just couldn’t be an animal that laid eggs and trusted nature and instinct to carry on my genes. I’m a mammal through and through, even if I had to turn into an animal. Plus raccoon mothers do more than serve as milk pumps. They teach their young where to find food and shelter, so they are ready for their independence when the time comes. Besides baby raccoons are adorable. (Still don’t want them in my human house!)

Intelligence: Raccoons are pretty wily. I read online that their intelligence is comparable to a rhesus macaque.

Agility: Raccoons are nimble creatures. (Climbing up the side of a house and climbing down inside a chimney take true agility. Again, see my last post!) The older I get and the less agile, the more I admire this.

Bulk: No one expects you to be thin when you’re a raccoon. Round is a shape.

The Mask: If you ever had a superhero fantasy, you just have to appreciate the mask.

What kind of animal are you like? For this and more mind-blowing questions, stop by This and Chat at Thisandchat.wordpress.com.


2 thoughts on “I Guess I Look Like a Raccoon

  1. There is a superb word ‘ostentatious’, a Racoon is pretty too, nicely done. If I was an animal what would I be… A spaniel, I work hard, am intelligent, loving and never stop talking, I also love food. So a yappy, friendly, cuddly, loyal working dog fits that bill nicely a spaniel that’s me. All we need to do is teach it to write and we’ll be spot on. 😆😅

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