Living in the country in the middle of the Midwest, when I walk out my door I can see for miles in all directions. Miles of flat land punctuated by farmhouses and silos, trees and grain elevators. We don’t have mountains and valleys, no Grand Canyon, few rolling hills, few acres of forest and, except for the coast along the Great Lakes, no miles of shoreline. But while people don’t generally come to the Midwest for the landscape, what they might want to come see is the sky. Without mountains to box us in or walls of forest around us, we see wall to wall open sky.




All that sky means the best views for sunrises and sunsets.



We can see rain fall miles away and watch storms as they rage across the heavens.



Other days clouds trail wisps above us.


You might say the rainbow ends here.




6 thoughts on “Sky

  1. Love the photos! My husband would tell you that the sky (and ocean) is my favorite ‘scape’ of creation. You’ve captured a perfect description of the canopy over our uncluttered Midwestern plains. I can watch our sky for hours. How about those rainbows?! Being raised in hills and mountains before moving to the Midwest, I have to say that the patchwork-squared landscape with it’s drastic color changes–green to gold and black to snow (though way too cold) have a beauty like none other, worth seeing. That rich black soil is something I’d never seen until we moved here. Love your blog!

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  2. Hi! Another Jen here. For a moment I thought, did I just comment in this post??? Hahaha. Anyway I love your stories because it makes me experience a life in a fresh air kind of environment which is totally the opposite around here in Dubai. No pollution, sure. But we barely have real tall trees and landscapes. Everything is artificial here. And because of this, I nominated you for Sunshine Blogger Award. No pressure. You may opt out. But if you want to accept & take part in spreading sunshine and getting connected with other bloggers. Here’s the link to accept:


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