I got my hair cut short for the first time in a lot of years and I have to say, I think it’s happy about it.

I should explain. I had stick straight hair all of my life, the kind that would drop a curl an hour after you put one in. Although I yearned for curly hair when I was young, I learned to love my long smooth hair and the easy upkeep of wash, dry, go. I kept the same long-hair-with-bangs style for most of my adult life (except for a brief unfortunate period in the 80’s, but let’s not talk about that.)

Then came this latest phase of life. My hair has decided to rebel from its life of sameness. Silver “highlights” have been cropping up, as well as a cloud of frizz that grows bigger the higher the humidity. Most confusing of all is its sudden desire to curl. There is a definite wave that wasn’t there before. I had it cut a bit shorter to my shoulders to appease it, and that worked for awhile till it became bored again.

Last spring I was busy and didn’t get in to get it cut for awhile and it got longer, as hair will. I thought, I wonder if I let it grow awhile if anyone would want my rebellious hair as a donation. The cheerful friend who cuts my hair assured me they would. So I grew it longer and it continued to rebel.

Finally, just as fall approached, when I couldn’t stand the long hair any more, my hair person said it was long enough, as long as we cut it up to my chin. What about the curl? I asked her. Don’t fight it, she said. Try some mousse.

At first my hair just hung there as though it thought there must be still be the weight of the hair below it. But the next day there was a definite spring in its step. It bounced and swished as I walked and curled sweetly under my chin. Ah, I thought, this was what it wanted all along.

Then came a stretch of faux summer weather and the temperature and humidity rose again. My hair, having won one battle, let the power go to its head, so to speak. Now it is quixotic, leaving me guessing daily whether, when I leave the house with hair styled and set, it will bounce it’s way through my day, or curl in many crazy directions looking as though I slept on it wet.

I did discover that if I use lots of product, take a plane to Nevada (where the humidity is almost nil) and use a straightener, it will stand straight as a battalion of soldiers for as long as I want it to. But, alas, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. I wonder how it would feel about a crew cut…



6 thoughts on “Chopped

  1. I can’t wait to see your hair! I feel your pain–I’ve dealt with frizz my whole life. Try a bit of hand lotion after your hair is styled. I’ve done it for years!


  2. I’ve always loved your rich hair, and the gray is added character and beauty that mirrors your spirit. You’re just darned cute (inside and out) no matter how you cut it. Now, the question remains, did you donate any locks yet?? As Paul Harvey might ask, “What’s the rest of the story?”


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